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25 Uplifting LGBT+ Moments That Will Give You Hope For 2017

I’m not gonna lie, 2016 has largely been disastrous for queer people. The community has been faced with tragedies and injustices everywhere from Pulse to the Presidential Election. But the end of the year is a time for reflection, and with all the terrible things that have happened there are also some amazing events that have been overlooked. If you are desperately trying to find some hope in the chaos that has engulfed the LGBTQ community, then look no further. Here are 25 moments that will give you a healthy dose of optimism to start next year:

  1. Portugal passed legislation that will allow same-sex couples to adopt. This law also allows easier access to reproductive assistance (like artificial insemination) for queer couples. Gay marriage has been legal there since 2010, but now those couples will no longer struggle to start families of their own.b7yzu0c
  2. Troye Sivan, an unapologetically queer 21-year-old Youtuber, hit the road for two tours throughout 2016. His first tour featured Shamir, a genderqueer artist, while his second tour donated ticket sales to The Ally Coalition.
  3. The 2016 Rio Olympics hosted more LGBT athletes than ever before, featuring approximately 42 queer competitors. This number is nearly double the amount of LGBTQ Olympians who competed in the 2012 London
  4. Chris Mosier made history as the first out trans man to qualify for the US National Team in the duathlon. He also starred in a Nike ad that aired during Olympic coverage. Watch his story here or see his Nike ad here!
  5. Avery Jackson was the first trans person to grace the cover of National Geographic for their Gender Revolution edition. Jackson, a 9-year-old trans girl, inspired the idea for Planting Peace, a trans safe space house that sits across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church.5852d7ef120000c40beef7dd
  6. Netflix added three documentaries which explore the history of HIV and AIDS in America including “How to Survive a Plague,” We Were Here,” and “It’s Not Over.” While this may not seem positive, its a huge step in getting rid of the stigma that still surrounds HIV and Aids. The trailers for these three movies can be seen here.
  7. May Taylor, Star of Tangerine, won Best Supporting Female Actor at the Spirit Awards and gave an amazing acceptance speech which can be seen here.
  8. Sarah McBride became the first trans person to ever speak at a National Convention when she appeared at the DNC. (Fun Fact: she is an alum from a couple VL staff members’ university)
  9. President Barack Obama designated the Stonewall National Monument, making it the first national monument for the LGBTQ community in the U.S.160624120538-lgbt-national-monument-stonewall-nccorig-00004301-exlarge-169
  10. Katherine Zappone became Ireland’s first openly lesbian Minister, signifying that more and more places are becoming accepting.
  11. Amelia Gapin became the first openly transgender woman to be featured on the cover of Women’s Running.636014439261003441-cover-0716-hi-res
  12. Maite Oronoz Rodriguez became Puerto Rico’s first openly gay chief justice in U.S. history.
  13. Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, came out as bisexual. Her unique cartoon features several queer characters and a canon romantic relationship between two woman. It’s truly a rare gem for Cartoon Network.tv2_rebeccasugar
  14. A six-episode web series called Her Story won an Emmy Nomination. This groundbreaking series (that you can watch here) takes a look at the dating lives of trans and queer women.
  15. A dozen Queer Films appeared at the Sundance Film Festival this year. The list includes many must-see movies such as Other People (which is available on Netflix), Suited, and Uncle Howard.  
  16. One 15-year-old teen had an epic comeback when a picture of four college students holding anti-trans posters went viral. I could go on, but the picture below says it all.
  17. New studies and treatments to combat HIV are being created everyday, allowing those affected to live longer, healthier lives.
  18. Black Mirror came out with a new season and one episode in particular (I’m looking at you San Junipero) featured two women falling in love! And ~slight spoiler alert~ it has a happy ending! Which is truly a breath of fresh air after other disappointing queer relationships. black-mirror-san-junipero-drinks
  19. There are already politicians getting ready to fight for the repeal of HB2 (the law that makes trans people use the bathroom of the gender that they were assigned with at birth).
  20. The Warwick Rowers, an England Rowing team, once again posed nude in support of LGBT equality in sports. They had a message of inclusion and specifically called out Donald Trump in hopes that he would see their message. Their slightly-NSFW promotional video can be seen here.
  21. James Charles, Youtuber and Makeup artist, became the first ever Cover Boy to grace the cover of Covergirl Magazine. If you’re ready to perfect your eye makeup you can check out his youtube channel here.inside-james-charles-for-covergirl
  22. The United Nations appointed its first gay rights investigator (or should I say investi-gay-tor?). This independent investigator will protect queer and transgender people worldwide from violence and discrimination.
  23. More and more countries are banning conversion therapy and getting rid of laws that criminalize different sexualities.
  24. The Miss America Pageant featured its first openly lesbian contestant and she was on fleek!
  25. At the 2016 Rio Olympics Marjorie Enya proposed to her girlfriend, Brazilian rugby player Isadora Cerullo. This was the first marriage proposal to take place at the Olympic games. (She said yes!)587472202-volunteer-marjorie-enya-and-rugby-player-isadora-crop-promo-xlarge2

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