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Editor’s Note: On Going on Hiatus and Being Busy

When I boarded a flight to London in mid-January, I told my lovely staff that I was going on a 2-week hiatus. I needed time to settle into my new home for the semester, to evaluate what my goals were for the next few months and take a breather.

Oft our best laid plans go astray. To our faithful reader who has surely noticed that we have had no new content for quite some time, this is partly an apology and partly an affirmation. Upon leaving the United States and moving temporarily to another country, I found that I wasn’t alone in feeling overwhelmed. My staff, all of them accomplished college-students, too, were experiencing, and are continuing to experience, great change in their lives. Three others came abroad and I had the pleasure of meeting two of them (finally in person!) in their respective abroad destinations: London and Copenhagen. Others began to prepare to graduate from their respective universities. Others continued to see great success in their lives, important developments that surely began to take up their time. I, myself, found that my transition to another country was far more difficult than I imagined, and, nearly two months in, I still often find myself feeling drained. And I began to recognize and appreciate further than we can’t be a successful publication without caring for our own bodies and minds first.

We apologize, however, that these additional strains have eclipsed our ability to provide content to you, dear reader. I’d like to affirm that our appreciation for you is still there and we are doing our best to pick back up and be our best selves. We understand that these past couple of months have been ones of great turmoil, particularly for media organizations, and we’d like to affirm that we will do our best to remain critical. We have our eyes on worldly developments, from the United States government to the entertainment industry. Even when we are not churning out content, we are talking about how to approach trends, the news and developments. We are analyzing and thinking. In fact, one of our editors, Mycah, appeared on a segment of TRT World’s “The Newsmakers” to discuss intersectional feminism. We are still doing work.

But, we cannot continue to be successful without you, dear reader. If there’s something you’d like to see on our site, email us! Submit your own article or apply to be a part of staff. Your input is greatly appreciated, so please send it along. 

We apologize for our recent hiatus, but I promise we have not forgotten you nor will we go quietly into the night. We’re still here. We’re still writing and fighting. Thank you for sticking with us. Talk to you soon, reader.


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