Our Mission

VocaLady is an online magazine that aims to honor and promote women who seek careers in communications. Its goal is to publish articles that inspire women to jumpstart their careers, promote gender equality in communications workspaces, and contribute to the conversations surrounding the image and role of women in the media.

Today, women in the U.S. are achieving more than ever, excelling in STEM fields, athleticism, politics, and beyond. And yet, the public narrative on powerful women is an overwhelmingly negative and sexist one. This narrative will never change if we don’t see more women in the media. We define women in communications as female-identified persons who work in industries whose goal is to impart information and news to others. 

Content areas that include Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion, Tips & Tricks, College, Recs & Reviews, and Fun Stuff will provide the basis for coverage of journalism (print and broadcast), film and television production, gaming, public relations, screen/playwriting, advertising, prose and poetry writing, magazine writing, and social media coverage of women.

For a deeper look at why we believe VocaLady is a necessary addition to the conversation surrounding women and the media, please read our Welcome Post.


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