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  1. Hi Chelsea, I wanted this to be personal to you. Do not loose heart, and follow your dreams. I have one caution, look at your family history. Your great grandmother was an immigrant. She was left a widow with five young children. She worked to feed them all. Uncle Carmine was 2 and your grandmother was 12. I know their history very well. No white privilege to be found. My family was the same more or less. My parents were American born. Life was difficult but they fared better because there were 2 parents in each of their families. I know how they suffered discrimination. I know you to be a lovely young woman, and I am not talking about politics I am talking about history. When I get back to Illinois for the holidays. I will look for a book your grandmother Mary gave to me and it is about the Italians on Long Island. I know I have it put away somewhere-she did not want it returned and I saved it. I will send it to you. I think it will be a nice keepsake from her.
    I was an adherent to the women’s movement and subscriber to MSMagazine, I admired the activists than I and still believe. Gloria Steinman was in her prime and Uncle Freddie used to call me BellaAbu (Bella Abzug). I am reaching out to you so that you will be able to see a little with my eyes and please know that it is good to be an idealist. Have a happy holiday season. Love and hugs, Aunt Marie


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