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Join our team!

Are you a woman interested in communications? Are you currently studying it or working in a communications-related field? Do you love writing, social media or graphic design? Do you want to empower women? Then join our team! We have a lot of spots open for you.

Departments Hiring:


You’d be expected to contribute articles on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You’d be expected to have impeccable writing and editing skills as well as great article pitches.

Social Media

You’d be expected to promote our material on our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) on a regular basis. You’d also be expected to write articles — though on a lesser basis than writers. Must have writing and editing skills as well as proven proficiency in social media use.

Graphic Design

You’d be expected to help improve our social media presence through visual images as well as improve our site design. Must have proficiency in social media and proven graphic design skills.

Fill out this form to apply. You can apply to multiple positions.

Not sure if you want to commit as a staff writer, but have something to say? Submit your article here! We prefer fully written drafts, but are open to working with you on anything!


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